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Early summer. The garden as seen from the deck above. Note the fascinating now-exposed branches of the Yew tree with all the sweeps of plants curving and leading the eye to it.
The garden 'before'. Pruning the Yew, which will become the focal point of the small garden.
Building the Patio - The circular theme begins to take shape.
First Spring. Small early bulbs planted by the hundreds bring the garden to bright, smiling early Spring. All will disappear in about a month, to be replaced by the next in a succession of plants in the same place.
The garden framed by grasses and Sky Pencil Hollies. By carefully selecting a viewpoint, and obscuring some of the garden, the frame has the effect of enlarging the small space in the mind's eye.
Clematis climbing to the deck above, tying the garden to the deck
Early summer - the lush view from the ground floor window, looking past the Clematis Montana, grasses and Sky Pencil hollies.
Cotoneaster divaricatus hugs the corner of the steps - a small transition uniting the lawn, the patio and the planted garden.
The lushness of Midsummer. The Astilbes and the Oakleaf Hydrangeas in full bloom. The see-through bloom of the Heuchera adds a delicacy to the lush scene
Close-up of the Hydrangea leaf and the Astilbe flowers. The contrast of textures is as important as the flowers in this scene.