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Bridge over a spillway / creek continues the path through the woodland property.
The beginning of the Pine Needle Path - note the mingling of the Existing and the Planted.
Newly planted 'Willow Walk' showing the 5 Weeping Willows, soon to become a living arbor.
Naturalistic flower garden at dusk -- seen from the Master Bedroom.
Detail of the Naturalistic Flower Garden.
Grass steps leading from the swimming pool up to the courtyard with its reflecting pool.
Perovskia and Molinia top the wall that surrounds the pool, and move with every breeze.
Site Plan of the 4-acre property, showing the pine needle path meandering through the wooded property. You stroll through a Dogwood Path, a Willow Walk, a Group of Hawthornes, A Naturalistic Flower Garden.
Along the Pine Needle Path as it returns to the house. Rugosa Roses beginning to bloom on the wall framing the house, the bridge over the spillway in the background, newly planted woodland plants in the foreground.