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View to the driveway, invisible because of the hill of Perovskia
Mown path through the flowering meadow, with young pine trees for winter interest and winter screening
A 'wild' border framing the lawn, with flowering meadows in the distance
Close up of Rogosa Roses in Autumn around beautiful stone drainage dry wells
Framing the house -Miscanthus grasses and red-leafed Rosa Glauca (Rubrifolia) in the foreground with the mass of Perovskia in the background
View from the front door - delicate grasses, a blue haze of Perovsckia, lawns and flowering meadow in the distance.
View from the front door to the guesthouse, separated by Miscanthus grasses and Roses
Close-up of Macleaya cordata with Miscanthus grasses. A contrast in textures.
Site plan showing the driveway through flowering and orchard trees; meadows; screening plants and plantings to frame the house without competing with it.
This is the view from the parking area: Climbing Hydrangeas, used as a groundcover on a rock wall that the owner thought had always been there. But we built it! Then planted it. And a few years later, this is the result